Introduction to the Cognitive Systems Institute

The Cognitive Systems Institute Group is a collaborative effort between universities, research institutes, and IBM clients to advance the state-of-the-art in cognitive computing.  The institute features resources on this website , a LinkedIn Discussion Group and a weekly Speaker Series .  As research collaborators and faculty, we focus on building and evaluating cognitive assistants for every profession.  The Cognitive Systems Institute centers on professional cognitive assistants that exhibit the three L’s – language, learning, and levels to augment and scale human expertise.

The programs are designed to

  • help create linkages between faculty and IBM Researchers to define cognitive system grand challenges
  • help faculty and their top graduate students to prepare aligned collaborative research proposals to submit to funding agencies
  • explore academic interest in hosting an IBM-Researcher(s)-In-Residence at their universities, in order to accelerate collaborative research and achieve measurable grand challenge objectives
  • to create and compile point of view (POV) documents on the potential impacts of cognitive systems on business and society.

Bring Watson to your research.  The IBM University Programs team is inviting faculty to infuse their research with Watson’s intelligence while honing their entrepreneurial vision to deliver their innovations into the marketplace.  To access Watson Cloud instances, and to join IBM in creating an ecosystem of innovators and researchers in making cognitive computing the worldwide standard of computing, please go here and provide the information requested. Each month entries of interest to IBM will be considered for access to Watson Cloud instances and/or awards.

To engage with Watson business unit for your interest in offering a course scroll down on the Watson page to “Bring Watson to your University”.

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