IBM Cognitive Award Recipients

2016 PhD Fellowship Awardees – Cognitive

Dai, Wang-Zhou     /     Nanjing University
Dov, David     /     Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Dumitrache, Anca    /     Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – Vrije University, Amsterdam
Fukuchi, Kazuto    /     University of Tsukuba
Law, Mark    /     Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London
Martie, Lee    /     University of California-Irvine
Meel, Kuldeep    /     Rice University
Mitra, Tanushree    /     Georgia Institute of Technology
Nguyen, Thien    /     New York University
Pedroni, Bruno Umbria    /     University of California-San Diego
Ponomarenko, Alexander    /     Higher School of Economics
Sachan, Mrinmaya    /     Carnegie Mellon University
Schlegl, Thomas    /     Medizinische Universität Wien – Medical University of Vienna
Stab, Christian    /     Technische Universität Darmstadt – Technical University of Darmstadt
Wilner, Sean    /    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Xu, Bin    /     Cornell University
Yin, Jialun    /     Tsinghua University
Zaslavsky, Noga    /     Hebrew University
Zhu, Rong    /     Harbin Institute of Technology

2016 Cognitive Computing Faculty Awards

Ragan, Eric; Texas A & M University
Studying multi-format visual data exploration and presentation methods

Greenwald, Martin; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Visualization Tools for Repeatable, Fast, and Accurate Fusion Research

Reilly, Richard; Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin
Cognitive Computing to Predict Speech Perception in Paediatric Cochlear Implant Users

Rafaeli, Anat; Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Emotion in Twitter Service Interactions between Customers and Service Agents

Li, Ming; Sun Yat-sen University
Multimodal human behavior signal processing for young children with ASD

Elmachtoub, Adam; Columbia University
Cognitive Analytics for Personalized Pricing and Offers

Baron, Jason; Harvard Medical School
Predicting Clinical Outcomes Using Clinical Laboratory Time Series Data

Iyer, Subramanian; University of California-Los Angeles
Hardware Requirements for Large-Scale Brain Computing and Machine Intelligence

Nakayama, Makoto; DePaul University
Big Data Analytics & Internet of Things

Xie, Bing; Peking University
Cognitive Analysis on Claim Data

Tyagi, Mayank; Louisiana State University
IBM Power8 Cognos/Spss Petroluem Geothermal science analytics.

Park, Jay; Louisiana State University
IBM Power8 CAPI-Flash Multi-Node Genome Metadata processing

Ipek, Engin; University of Rochester
Sparse Memory Systems for High-Performance, Energy-Efficient Deep Learning

Govindaraju, Madhusudhan; SUNY at Binghamton
Use CAPI on Power8 system to provide high performance solution for the attached devices.

Williams, Laurie; North Carolina State University
Identifying and Consolidating Security Requirements in Standard Documents

Perakis, Georgia; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Real-time data driven personalized bundle recommendations and pricing

Zhao, Weidong; Fudan University
Writing a textbook on analysis and cognitive computing using IBM solution

2015 Cognitive Systems Research

Munich University of Applied Sciences – Mandl, Peter
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology – Rafaeli, Anat
University of Florence – Pavone, Francesco
University Bari – Semeraro, Giovanni
Ecole Polytechnique – Liberti, Leo
Harbin Institute of Technology – Wang, Yaodong
Peking University – Wan, Xiaojun
Massachusetts Institute of Technology –  Larson, Richard
University of Washington – Tacoma – Demirkan, Haluk
University of Maryland Baltimore County – Finin, Tim
University of Arizona – Valerdi, Ricardo
Stevens Institute of Technology – Rouse, William
University of Leuven – De Raedt, Luc
University of New South Wales – Benatallah, Boualem
University of Alberta – Greiner, Russell
St. Petersburg State University –  Yablonsky, Sergey
University of Texas at Austin  –  Porter, Bruce
Peking University  –  Xie, Bing
Peking University People’s Hospital –  Ji, Linong
University of Washington, Tacoma  –  Demirkan, Haluk
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University  –  Mueller, Rolf
University of Trento  –  Moschitti, Alessandro
University of Washington, Seattle  –  Xia. Fei
Beijing Institute of Technology –   Liu, Chi
Georgia Institute of Technology – Goel, Ashok
Peking University –  Wang, Lewei
Centrale Supelec –  Rontani, Damien

2015 PhD Fellowships for Cognitive Research

Dumitrache, Anca Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – Vrije University, Amsterdam
Araki, Jun Carnegie Mellon University
Carter, Jeffrey Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
George, Jude Indian Institute of Science – IISc Bangalore
Wu, Yue Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
McCune, Robert University of Notre Dame
Mishra, Abhijit Indian Institute of Technology – IIT Bombay
Stanovsky, Gabriel Bar-Ilan University
Tang, Duyu Harbin Institute of Technology


Shared University Research Awards


  • University of Notre Dame
    • G. Alex Ambrose – Learning Analytics to Improve Student Engagement and Retention on MOOCs and Blended Learning
    • Edwin Michael – Cognitive System for Healthcare Policy Makers on Tropical Disease Transmission in Africa
    • Gregory Crawford – Cognitive Systems for Materials R&D
  • National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences – Siddharth Purohit -Validating algorithms to provide analytic measures of mental health to care providers and clinicians
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – Gerard E Smit – Crowd and Nichesourcing text annotation for Watson Knowledge Studio
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Horacio Morell Galvez – Application of the IBM Watson Ecosystem for providing Technology Intelligence services to Small and Medium Enterprises projects
  • Indian Institute of Technology – IIT Kharagpur, Plaban Kumar Bhowmick – Adaptive Learning Platform based on Analysis of Access Patterns — National Digital Library Pilot
  • Symbiosis International University – Santosh Gopalkrishnan – Social media behavior analytics
  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte – Wlodek Zadrozny – IBM Bluemix for Watson Technologies Instruction — Building Cognitive Computing Apps
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – Lora Aroyo – Easy generation of Q&A Training data through CrowdTruth
  • Renmin University of China, Lu Zhiwu, Individual Centered Analytics – A Multimodal Perspective
  • University of Western Ontario  (Canada) – Neil Banerjee – Geospatial Data Mining and Machine Learning to Improve the Evaluation of Underground Deposits
  • University of Notre Dame  (US) – Dr. G. Alex Ambrose – Learning Analytics to Improve Student Engagement and Retention on MOOCs and Blended Learning
  • University of Notre Dame  (US) – Gregory Crawford – Cognitive Systems for Materials R&D
  • University of Notre Dame  (US) – Edwin Michael – Cognitive System for Healthcare Policy Makers on Tropical Disease Transmission in Africa

2014 Cognitive Systems Research

Toyota Technical Institute at Chicago – Mohit Bansal

Cleveland Clinic – Neil Mehta

Tsinghua University – Ma Shaoping

Harbin Institute of Technology  – Lin Ting

Renmin University of China – Lu Zhiwu

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Richard Larson

Technical University of Darmstadt – Heinz Koeppl

Unversity of Maryland, Baltimore County – Yelena Yesha 

Georgia Institute of Technology – Ashok Goel

Indian Institute of Technolgy, Delhi – Harish Chaudhry

Carnegie Mellon University – Jaime Carbonell, Eric Nyberg, Manuela Veloso

Northwestern University – Kenneth Forbus

University of California, Berkeley –Armando Fox

Stanford University – Fei Fei Li

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Wayne Gray, James Hendler

Peking University – Yansong Feng

2014 Inaugural Watson Cognitive Computing Course 

University Pierre & Marie Curie – Charles Tijus – course in cognitive technologies

2014 Shared University Research Awards

  • Rice  University, with MD Anderson Cancer Center and IBM – Kamran Khan et al: Genomics Analytics Pipeline:  POC to build a Power8 Ecosystem for Genomics Research and Clinical Care
  • University of North Carolina, Charlotte – Wlodek Zadrozny, Automatic Extraction of Medical Treatment Guidelines for use in Watson Clinical Decision Support System
  • Columbia University –  Kathleen McKeon, Generating Encyclopedic entries from Knowledge Graphs


  • Technical University of Darmstadt., Germany – Chris Biemann: Language to Knowledge:  A framework for unsupervised learning
  • Trento University, Italy – Alessandro Moschitti: Natural Language Processing (2013)
  • Rhodes University, South Africa – Justin Jonas: Exascale Machine Learning (2013)


  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – James Hendler: Combining Structured and Unstructured Information in Watson


  • Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina – Luciana Benotti: Natural Language Processing: Web Based Tasks
  • Ýstanbul Üniversitesi Ana Sayfasý, Turkey – Serap Edirne: Web-based Observational Studies to Assess Hypertension and Related Cardiovascular Diseases –  to advance their research related to machine learning algorithms.


  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Mark Shephard: Center for Computational Nanotech Initiatives (CCNI) and the newly created Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC). The goal of this project will be to create a computation + visualization system.
  • University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, with Mayo CLinic and IBM Life Sciences
    Including: machine learning and data mining of genomic information and medical images, finding potential drug targets and drug compounds. – Michael Olesen

2013  Cognitive Systems Institute Inauguration

IBM Unveils Cognitive Systems Institute (R. Colin Johnson)

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology  – Tom Malone

How socio-technical tools and applications can boost the collective performance of moderate-sized groups of humans engaged in collaborative tasks such as decision making.

  • Carnegie Mellon University – Eric Nyberg (2004, 2013, 2014)

How systems should be architected to support intelligent, natural interaction with all kinds of information in support of complex human tasks.

How advances in processing power, data availability, and algorithmic techniques can enable the practical application of a variety of artificial intelligence techniques.

2012 Watson Innovation Awards

Open Collaborative Research


New York University – Ilan Lobel; conducting joint research to detect context-specific influencers and influencees, and new models for influence spread in social media, based on fusing empirical cues with demographic and graph information.

Carnegie Mellon University – Kris Kitani: jointly developing new algorithms to discover socially salient points-of-interest and build models of physical environment using first-person vision and massive  crowd sourcing and implement such algorithms as reusable open source components by foreseeing applications such as navigation of persons with disabilities and senior citizens, and big event  management.


University of Chicago – James Evans:  jointly develop model product innovation, predict market success and explore computational creativity.

2011 – 2010

University of Trento,  Italy – Giuseppe Riccardi: Open Advancement of Question Answering, DeepQA Plug-ins

Columbia University – Herbert Chase: DeepQA for Health Care

2010 – 2009 – 2008

Carnegie Mellon University,  University of Massachusetts – Eric Nyberg, James Allan: Open Advancement of Question Answering

2010 – 2009

Carnegie Mellon University, Oregon State University – Bonnie John, Margaret Burnett: Automated Usability Testing

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Boris Katz: Open Advancement of Question Answering

2009 – 2008

University of Southern California, University of Texas at Austin – Eduard Hovy, Bruce Porter
Open Advancement of Question Answering



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