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The Cognitive Systems Institute was established to grow the ecosystem for next generation cognitive science and artificial intelligence research – specifically, research to advance understanding and development of 21st century cognitive systems for the benefit of business and society.   IBM will work with academic, government, and industry partners to grow the ecosystem and build the academic discipline of Cognitive Systems Research.

Currently, we are soliciting chapter proposals for a “Handbook of Cognitive Systems Research” that will provide multiple disciplinary, industry sector, and cultural perspectives on the questions above.   Selected researchers will be invited to contribute chapters to the handbook from diverse areas of research, including Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Planning, Robotics, Computer Vision, Neural Networks, Energy Efficient New Computing Architectures, Big Data Social Physics, Quantified Self, Regional Economic Development, Transformation of Education Systems, Transformation of Professional Systems and Associations, Urban Science, Data Science, Service Science, Public Policy, etc.

IBM is planning to provide access to “Cognitive as a Service” to universities for teaching, research, and entrepreneurial endeavors, both as part of awards and as a for-fee service.   Select partner universities will be able to access hardware, software, data sets, and IBM experts to support grant proposals for research, curriculum development, and solving grand challenge research problems.  Building systems that augment human intellect boosting productivity and creativity of individuals, teams, research universities, and regions will be a priority.   A public policy purpose for improved cognitive systems and social networks is to augment individual and collective intelligence to benefit business and society, and improve quality-of-life in the “nested, networked smart systems” that we all belong to, depend on, and co-create as we live, work, learn, and play.

The Cognitive Systems Institute is a global, virtual community-of-interest by IBM to build understanding and collaboration.  For example, how can improved access to data (including test and training data sets, corpora of literature, patents, start-up proposals, etc.), tools (both open and proprietary), grand challenge problems and cognitive sport tournaments, and other shared resources and events improve the productivity and creativity of cognitive systems researchers and other problem-solving professions?

The Cognitive Systems Institute fosters the creation of diverse point-of-view (POV) documents on how cognitive systems will likely transform education systems and sustainable regional development, lifelong learning, skills and employment.   For example,  public policy related to personal data, quantified-self, learning, discovery, and sustainable development.  Cognitive systems will augment individual intelligence and augment collective intelligence of organizations and institutions (“smart service systems”).

Please contact the Cognitive Systems Institute through our survey web site if you are interested in being involved.



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