A symbiotic cognitive experience



Introduction to this is Watson

The Economist Explains How Machine Learning Works

The Economist The dawn of artificial intelligence

Watson’s Next Feat: Taking on Cancer

IBM Institute of Business Value reports on cognitive computing

HBR article about cognitive and Watson

HBR 2015: Meet Your New Employee

0914MEM_Noor_single Mechanical Engineering Cover feature, Game Changers, AHMED K. NOOR,  Eminent Scholar and William E. Lobeck Professor of Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Engineering at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va.

Mechanical Engineering, Putting Big Data to Work; Ahmed K. Noor

Simulation, learning, and optimization techniques in Watson’s game strategies

The Deep Q/A Research Team Publications

Transforming the Way Organizations Think With Cognitive Systems (red book paper)

An Ecosystem of Innovation (white paper)

Building Watson – An Overview of the DeepQA Project (pdf)

From Communications of the ACM  article on Cognitive Computing 

8 Steps to IBM Worklight mobile application development

Creating cognitive applications powered by Watson (pdf)

Smarter Planet: Introducing a brain-inspired chip

The Atlantic: Systems That Perceive, Think, and Act

Discover: The Quest to Build a Silicon Brain

The Economist: Neuromorphic computing The machine of a new soul

New York Times: I.B.M. Announces Brainy Computer Chip

Science: First Place in Illustration Category of 2012 Science/NSF International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge

A New Era of Computing Requires a New Way to Program Computers


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