Ashok Goel at Georgia Tech: Knowledge Based Artificial Intelligence: Cognitive Systems

NEW course from IBM

This course takes ~20 hours to complete, including:
Nine video-based lectures with a total run-time of ~10 hours
More than 100 deliberate practice and challenge questions
Eight foum topics to provoke reflection and promote social learning
A final assignment, submitted online.

You may choose to teach the course or embed any of the online course material in your courses; in this case you must not alter the content and must give IBM credit for the course material. We hope you will join us and send us feedback on the usefulness of our course material so we can add and improve the course. We also hope that this course further expands the Watson ecosystem, inspiring new services with Watson technology. and a 1.5-minute course trailer at

Video series

Watson application development flow

What is the IBM Watson Ecosystem module 2

Roadmap for planning your IBM Watson cognitive application module 3

Building your Watson cognitive application module 4 part 1 – Building your app

Building your Watson cognitive application module 4 part 2 – Enrich Watson with content

Building your Watson cognitive application module 4 part 3 – Train Watson

Building your Watson cognitive application module 4 part 4 – Test and deploy your application

Key Skills Needed for Cognitive Computing

  • Core Text Search and Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics
  • Data Mining, Information Retrieval
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Neuropsynaptic (Corelets) Programming – new
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning –Symbolic & Visual

Academic Fields – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Pattern Recognition, Text Search and Analytics, Speech and Image Processing, Computational Linguistics, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Information Retrieval and Management, Human Computer Interaction, Sensing and Actuation (Robotics), Social Intelligence, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Behavioral Science

Emerging Academic Fields – Cognitive Computer Science, Cognitive Information Systems, Computational Neuroscience, Social Physics


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