May 2015: World of Watson

Cognitive and the Future of Healthcare

How Watson Works

Rob High, IBM CTO, Fellow and VP, on the new era of cognitive systems and IBM Watson

The Rise of Cognitive Computing

What Makes a Cognitive System (with Rob High)

Watson at Work

Watson Demo: Oncology Diagnosis and Treatment

How Watson Answers a Question

Watson and Machine Learning

The Science Behind an Answer

Watson – Ushering in a New Era of Learning Systems

The Voice of the Physician in Health Care

Watson and Wellpoint – a progress report

What will you do with Watson?

The rise of cognitive computing: IBM Watson and next generation system – Stephen Gold at USI

The Great Mind Challenge Watson Edition 2014  (TGMC) scroll down to section 3 IBM resources

Cognitive Computing: New Ways of Developing Software for a New Era of Computing (SATURN Keynote) Carnegie Mellon U


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