Institute Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives


To augment and scale human expertise.


To advance cognitive systems research to reimagine work with cognitive assistants, thereby transforming professions and industries.


The Cognitive Systems Institute was established to improve industry, academic, government focus on the opportunities to augment and scale human expertise by advancing state-of-the-art, industrial-strength cognitive computing componentry and cognition as a service to research and develop cognitive assistants.  A goal of this new IBM-sponsored virtual organization (the Cognitive Systems Institute) is to initiate new industry-university programs that stimulate progress on several objectives (see below). Through these objectives, the Cognitive Systems Institute desires to grow the ecosystem for next generation cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and related researchers, and to advance the understanding and development of 21st century cognitive systems for the benefit of business and society, growing both the wealth (Gross Domestic Product) and well-being (health and wisdom) of regions.


(1) To identify next-generation grand challenge problems in cognitive science and to provide access to cognition as a service platforms to build next-generation skills to solve those problems.  Identifying and solving significant grand challenge research problems can simultaneously advance our understanding of cognitive systems and allow the development of cognitive assistants to boost the creativity and productivity of teams.

(2) To encourage more and better grant proposals to government and foundation funding agencies aimed at understanding and prototyping cognitive assistants for important tasks and occupations that benefit society.

(3) To improve the design loop on human-centered smart service systems by embedding industry researchers in residence at universities.

(4) To create and compile point-of-view (POV) documents on the potential impacts of cognitive systems on business and society to catalyze multidisciplinary collaborations that envision possible futures and re-image work to transform professions, industries, and regions.

(5) To connect the growing community of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and other multidisciplinary researchers working to develop cognitive assistants for diverse professions.  Professional cognitive assistants that exhibit the three L’s – language, learning, and levels can augment and scale human expertise.

Those interested in participating can

Join the Cognitive Systems Institute LinkedIn group.
Review the Cognitive Systems Institute website.
Submit your ideas and recommendations by requesting updates or sending additions to pages on the website.
Record your thoughts and priorities by answering questions in this 10 minute survey.


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