Cognitive assistants for professions

Artificial cognitive systems, or cognitive systems for short,  exhibit capabilities and/or perform tasks deemed intelligent by natural cognitive systems, such as people.  Professional cognitive assistants are cognitive systems designed to boost the productivity and creativity of professionals.   Cognitive systems researchers belong to a special profession, which improves building and evaluating cognitive systems, working on teams with other professionals, such as computer and information research scientists, human factors engineers and ergonomists, sociologistsoperations research analystsmathematicians, statisticians, industrial engineers, and others.

The Cognitive Systems Institute centers on professional cognitive assistants that exhibit the three L’s – language, learning, and levels.  Professional cognitive assistants should interact via natural language, learn by ingesting documents, and make recommendations with confidence levels.   For example, the IBM Watson Jeopardy! winning  cognitive system answered natural language questions, ingested Wikipedia and other sources to learn, and provided confidence levels with its answers.  The IBM Watson group is working on cognitive systems to help doctors, financial planners, researchers, and even chefs.   IBM Research is also working on cognitive system that will spar with debaters and politicians to help boost their performance.

The Cognitive Systems Institute would like to connect the growing community of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and other multidisciplinary researchers working to develop cognitive assistants for diverse professions.




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