Cognitive Systems Institute Group Speaker Series Thursdays 10:30am US Eastern Time

Join the meetings by pointing your web browser to:  password=cognitive.   Use audio on computer or 855-233-7153 in the US (other country numbers), PIN Code:  43179788.  Non-IBMers join the meeting as “Guest.”

Replays before Dec 2015:  Dial 877.471.6587 or 402.970.2667 and enter the call’s Replay ID when prompted for a program ID number.   The Replay ID is listed in the Recording column of each date.    Twitter: #CSIGNews

Date Speaker Topic Institution Slides Recording ID
26 Oct Xavier Busquets Carretero “Metaphors and Algorithms as Sources of Knowledge” ESADE, Ramon Llull University Slides Recording
July, Aug Hiatus
22 June Ralph Badinelli “Teaching Cognitive Computing with IBM Watson” Virginia Tech Slides Recording
08 June Jose Hernandez-Orallo “Evaluating Cognitive Systems: Task-oriented or Ability-oriented?” Universitat Politecnica de Valencia Slides Recording
01 June Rama Akkiraju “Building Compassionate Conversational Systems” IBM Watson Slides Recording
25 May Cristina Mele “Artificial
Intelligence, Cognitive Computing and Innovating in Practice”
Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II” Slides Recording
11 May Erich Manser, Will Scott “Cognitive Insights drive self-driving Accessibility” IBM Research Slides Recording
20 Apr Malgorzata Stys, Roberto Sicconi “AI in the Car” Telelingo Slides Recording
13 Apr Sridhar Iyengar “Semantic PDF Processing & Document Representation” IBM Research Slides Recording
06 Apr Gerhard Satzger, Kathrin Fitzner, Sebastian Hirschl “Joining Industry and Students for Cognitive Solutions @ Karlsruhe Service Research Institute” IBM and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Slides Recording
30 Mar  Mark Sherman

“Experiences Developing an IBM Watson Cognitive Processing Application to Support Q&A of Application Security Diagnostics”

CERT, Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute Slides Recording
23 Mar Chuck Howell “Fairness Cases as an Accelerant and Enabler for Cognitive Assistance Adoption” The MITRE Corporation Slides Recording
16 Mar Hironobu Takagi “Cognitive Assistance for the Aging” IBM Slides Recording
02 Mar Nitesh Chawla From complex Systems to Networks: Discovering and Modeling the Correct Network” University of Notre Dame Slides Recording
23 Feb Murray Campbell “The Role of Dialog in Augmented Intelligence” IBM Research Slides Recording
16 Feb Charles Palmer Teaching Cognitive Computing with Watson at Universities IBM Research No Slides Recording
09 Feb Steve Fiore “Developing Cognitive Systems to Support Team Cognition” University of Central Florida Slides Recording
02 Feb Kevin Sullivan “Cyber-Social Systems” University of Virginia Slides Recording
26 Jan William Chamberlin  “IT Technology Trends in 2017… and Beyond” IBM Market Development & Insights Slides Recording
19 Jan Taylor Thompson “Curious Learning: using a mobile platform for early literacy education as a research sandbox” Curious Learning- MIT Media Lab Nonprofit Spinoff Slides Recording
12 Jan Dianne Fodell HICSS Cognitive Tutorial Recap and 2017 Kick-off IBM Global University Programs Slides Recording
15 Dec Rudi Studer “Semantic Technologies for Smart Services” Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Slides Recording
08 Dec Grady Booch “Embodied Cognition with Project Intu” IBM Watson Slides Recording
01 Dec Yansong Feng
“Towards Building a Cognitive System to Fight for National College Admission Challenge” Peking University Slides Recording
17 Nov Laura Chiticariu “Declarative Multilingual Information Extraction with SystemT“ IBM Almaden Research Slides Recording
10 Nov Frank Stein “Perspective on Cognitive from IBM’s World of Watson” IBM Analytics Solution Center Slides Recording
03 Nov Alexander Braun “From Eliza to Siri and beyond: Promise and challenges of intelligent, language-controlled assistants/chatbots.“ Creative Construction Heroes Slides Recording
27 Oct Ming Li “Multimodal behavior signal analysis and interpretation for young kids with ASD” Sun-Yat-Sen CMU Joint Institute of Engineering Slides Recording
20 Oct Steve Ritter “Using Cognitive Modeling in Mathematics Instruction” Carnegie Learning Slides Recording
13 Oct Achim Rettinger “Towards Multi-Step Expert Advice for Cognitive Computing” Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Slides Recording
29 Sept Mohammad Sadoghi 

“ExpoDB: An Exploratory Data Science Platform”  Purdue University Slides Recording
22 Sept Erin Walker
“Designing Social Interactions in a Teachable Agent”
Arizona State University Slides Recording
08 Sept Dan G Tecuci “Enhancing Intelligent Agents with Episodic Memories” IBM Watson Health Slides Recording
01 Sept Susan Feldman

“Understanding Cognitive Applications:  A Framework”
Synthexis Slides Recording
25 Aug Jim Spohrer Understanding Cognitive Systems IBM Slides Recording
18 Aug Nathan Wilson “Biological Foundations for Deep Learning: Towards Decision Networks”
Nara Logics, Inc.
Slides Recording
11 Aug Brian Nelson “Design for Learning and Assessment in Virtual Worlds” Arizona State University Slides Recording
04 Aug Thomas Dietterich “Machine Learning for Understanding and Managing Ecosystems” Oregon State University Slides Recording
 No call July 28
21 Jul Letizia Tanca “Exploring Databases: the Indiana Project” Politecnico di Milano Slides Recording
14 Jul Tim Finin “From Strings to Things: Populating Knowledge Bases from Text” University of Maryland, Baltimore County Slides Recording
30 Jun Kenneth Forbus “Software Social Organisms: Implications for measuring AI progress”  Northwestern University Slides Recording
23 Jun Kurt VanLehn “Classroom Centaurs:  A new genre of educational technology” Arizona State University Slides Recording
16 Jun  No call July 16
09 Jun Martin Takac

“Solving Large-Scale Machine Learning Problems in a Distributed Way”

Lehigh University Slides Recording
02 Jun Kai-Uwe Kuehnberger “AI, Cognition, and Creativity” University of Osnabrück Slides Recording
26 May Gordon Pipa “Cognitive Computing” University of Osnabrueck Slides Recording
19 May K. Selcuk Candan

“Data-Driven Sensemaking in an Evolving, Noisy World”
Arizona State University Slides Recording
12 May Aldis Sipolins “Virtual Reality, Game Design, and The Future of Education” IBM Watson Research Slides Recording
05 May Scott MacLeod “A Universal Translator as a Cognitive System, beginning as a Guidebook with Test” World University and School Slides Recording
28 Apr Xiaolin (Andy) Li “CognitiveEngine: Boosting Scientific Discovery” University of Florida Slides Recording
21 Apr Isaac Ramirez Herrera  Watson Genomic Analytics IBM Watson Health No slides No Recording
14 Apr Ching-huei Tsou “Toward Generating Domain-specific / Personalized Problem Lists from Electronic Medical Records”  IBM Watson Research Slides Recording
07 Apr Richard Waldinger

“Natural Language Access to Data: Where Reasoning Makes Sense”
SRI International Slides Recording
31 Mar Chieko Asakawa

Kris Kitani

“Cognitive Assistant for the Blind” IBM Research, Tokyo

Carnegie Mellon University

Slides Recording
24 Mar Regina Joseph “Cognitive Computing: A Future Pathway for Global Affairs Students” New York University Slides Recording
17 Mar Devdatt Dubhashi “Language Technology Tools for Cognitive Computing” Chalmers University Slides Recording
10 Mar Sergey Belov

Haluk Demirkan

Cognitive Sessions at HICSS January 4-7, 2017 Conference IBM Univ Relations CEEMEA

U Washington

Slides Recording
03 Mar Luc De Raedt “Probabilistic Logic Programs and Their Applications” Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Slides Recording
25 Feb Dominique Liana Russo “Cognitive and Affective Biases in High Stakes Decision Making” Harvard University Slides Recording
18 Feb Richard Waldinger “Access to Data via Natural Language and Deduction” SRI International Slides


11 Feb Tom Davenport “Beyond Automation: Smart Machines + Smart People” Babson College Slides Recording
04 Feb Ken Goldberg “Cloud Robotics” University of California at Berkeley Slides 1

Slides 2

28 Jan Wayne Imaino “Kate, a Platform for Machine Intelligence” IBM Almaden Research Slides Recording
21 Jan Jack Park
“Why?” (A Discussion about  Cognitive Architectures and Deep Thinking)
TopicQuests Foundation Slides Recording
14 Jan Alun Preece

Dave Braines

“Conversational Sensemaking” Cardiff University

IBM Research UK

Slides Recording
17 Dec Frank Hsu “To Fuse or Not to Fuse: Cognitive Diversity for Combining
Multiple Scoring Systems.”
Fordham University Slides Recording
10 Dec Boaz Carmeli “ArguMentor” IBM Haifa Research Lab Slides Recording
03 Dec Pat Langley “Progress and Challenges in Interactive Cognitive Systems” Institute for the Study of Learning and Expertise, University of Aukland Slides Recording
19 Nov Erin Burke Regulation and Liability of Cognitive Machines Fordham University Slides 471310086052
12 Nov Simon Ellis “Aleph, A Cognitive Game-playing System for Tabletop Games” Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Slides 471310086051
05 Nov Roberto Manduchi “Designing Assistive Technology: A Personal Experience of Trial and Error “ University of California, Santa Cruz Slides 471310086050
29 Oct Daniel Sonntag “Kognit – Cognitive Assistants for Dementia Patients” German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Slides 471310086049
22 Oct Madelaine Sayko “Enhancing Ability Through Smart Cognitive Support Systems” Cognitive Compass Slides 471310086048
15 Oct Elham Khabiri “Domain Scoping for Subject Matter Experts” IBM Watson Slides 471310086047
08 Oct Jim Spohrer, Dianne Fodell “Cognitive Business” IBM Global University Programs Slides 471310086046
01 Oct Bryan Wiltgen “Using Watson for Enhancing Human-Computer Co-Creativity” Georgia Tech Slides 471310086045
24 Sept Morgan D Timpson “The Watson Ecosystem” IBM Watson Slides 471310086044
17 Sept David Sontag “Using Machine Learning to
Automate Clinical Pathways”
New York University Slides 471310086043
10 Sept Paolo Nesi “Km4City: Smart City Ontology Building for Effective Erogation of Services” University of Florence Slides 471310086042
03 Sept Shiwali Mohan “Designing Instructable Cognitive Robots” Palo Alto Research Center Slides 471310086041
27 August Bud Mishra “Causarum Cognitio: Seeking Knowledge of Causes” New York University Slides 471310086040
20 August Marcello Balduccini “Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning” Drexel University Slides 471310086039
06 August Tor W. Andreassen “Impact of Smarter Cognitive Systems on Service Sector Jobs” NHH Norwegian School of Economics Slides 471310086038
30 July Yunyao Li SystemT: an Algebraic Approach to Declarative Information Extraction IBM Research Almaden Slides 471310086037
23 July All General Discussion CSIG Slides
16 July Franz Dill Gamification and Cognitive Systems; Opportunities for Enhancing and Defining Jobs PKL Knowledge Partners, LLC Slides 471310086036
09 July  Eric Nyberg From Jeopardy! To Cognitive Agents: Effective Learning in the Wild Carnegie Mellon University Slides 471310086035
25 June Jim Spohrer CSIG update IBM Almaden Slides 471310086034
18 June Schahram Dustdar Elastic Cognitive Systems Vienna University of Technology Slides 471310086033
11 June  Lenhart Schubert From Semantic Parsing to Reasoning U Rochester Slides 471310086032
04 June  W. Raghupathi
Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Social Media and Patent Law Cases: Two Initial Studies
Fordham University Not Public 471310086031
28 May Michal Shmueli-Scheuer Affective Computing IBM Haifa Research Slides 471310086030
21 May  Barbara Grosz “Is Your Intelligent Computer Smart Enough To Be on My Team” or more serious title: “Interactive Intelligence and Health Care Coordination” Harvard University Slides 471310086029
14 May  Mona Diab
Towards Building Effective Computational Sociopragmatics Models of Human Cognition
George Washington University Slides 471310086028
07 May  Yosi Mass  “A scalable graph representation of knowledge bases and its uses for semantic document relatedness”  IBM Haifa Research Slides 471310086027
30 April  Simon Ellis Playing Games with Cognitive Computing Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Slides 471310086026
23 April Subbarao Kambhampati and Kartik Talamadupula  Human-in-the-Loop Planning and Decision Support  ASU, IBM Watson Slides 471310086025
16 April  Susan Epstein
FORR: A Cognitive Architecture for Expertise
 City University of New York (CUNY) Slides  471310086024
9 April Costas Bekas  Knowledge Graph Creation and Analytics for Cognitive Systems  IBM Zurich Slides  471310086023
26 March  Patrice (Polly) D. Tremoulet  “Digital Colleagues for Smart Aging”  Drexel University Slides  471310086021
19 March  Hamid R. Motahari Nezhad Cognitive Work Assistants: Vision and Open Challenge  IBM Slides  471310086019
12 March Wlodek Zadrozny and Sean Gallagher “Student Experiments with QA on Jeopardy! data” University of North Carolina, Charlotte Slides  471310086017
5 March Michael Wollowski  “The Innovation Canvas: A tool to design products and business models” Rose-Hulman Slides  471310086015
19 February Selmer Bringsjord and John Licato “PAGI World:  A Simulation Environment to Challenge Cognitive Architectures” Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Slides 471310086013
12 February John Laird “A Cognitive Architecture Approach to Interactive Task Learning.” University of Michigan Slides &
5 February Wayne Gray Expert is not good enough! Asymptotes, Plateaus, and Limits to Everyday Human Performance. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Slides 471310086010
29 January Ben Shaw “Cognitive Computing via TrueNorth” IBM Slides cannot be shared 471310086008
22 January Ayse Basar Bener Recommender Systems Ryerson University Slides 471310086007
15 January Chris Biemann An Adaptive Approach to Natural Language Processing TU Darmstadt Slides 471310086006
18 December Jim Hendler “An academic perspective on Watson” Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Slides 471310086005
11 December Ashok Goel Cognitive Systems for Nature Inspired Creative Design Georgia Institute of Technology Slides 471310086004
4 December  Meinholf Sellmann Interactive Infrastructure Planning  IBM Slides  471310086003
20 November Amar Viswanathan Not Elementary! My dear Watson. IBM and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Slides  471310086002
13 November Jim Spohrer, Dianne Fodell CSIG Overview IBM Slides see LinkedIn Group
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